Monday, May 6, 2013

How to root Galaxy S3 Mini?

Rom is compatible with all the I8190N devices.
This rom has not been tested, but i can assure you that it wont brick or break the warranty of your device.
Before flashing i recommend that you have a the original rom handy as a backup, you can find the here:

How to flash:

1. flashing I urge you to backup the device and the internal sd card ,Also be aware that if you restore the device to default factory settings it will erase your internal card! 

2. Make sure that the pc installs the required drivers before going any further,Windows Vista, 7, and 8 should be able to download and install them by default, otherwise Install samsung kies.

3. Shutdown device
4. Put your device into Download mode is by pressing "Volume Down"+"Home"+Power Button" and then "Volume Up"
5. Connect device to pc
6. Unpack the downloaded package,
7. Launch Odin , on "PDA" press browse and select the final.tar.md5 file ,then press "Start"
8. After the first boot you must reboot the device.
Alternatively If you familiar with ADB type the following commands to get into download:

adb shell
reboot download

Watch this video for reference:

Galaxy Pocket Jellybean Update

1. Jelly Blast -
2. ClockWorkMod -
3. Fresh Firmware

Place the requirements in your phone or sd card.

1. Go to recovery mod. If you don't know how to, Turn off your phone and then press and hold [Up Volume+Center Button+Power] until it will be recovery mod.
2. Select "update zip from sdcard"
3. Select ""
4. When you're in clockworkmod, Select "install zip from sdcard"
5. Select "choose zip from sdcard"
6. Select "Jelly Blast v3 For"
7. Select "yes"
8. When finished installed, press the power button. DO NOT PRESS AND HOLD.
9. Select "reboot system"
10. Your Pocket is now fully upgraded to Jelly Bean.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rooting Cherry Mobile Flare via Root by Bin4ry

This is the same thing as how we rooted the Cherry Mobile Titan.
  1. First thing first, be sure to turn USB debugging “ON/checked”. This can be done by going to Settings -> Development.
  2. Download this file, Root by Bin4ry Tool. (Root many Android) | Extract itthen.
  3. Install the drivers on your PC. You can do that by installing Moborobo;download it {LINK} and install. Run the app and connect your Flare device, follow the prompt so it installs the drivers. Once properly connected with Moborobo app, you can now close that program.
  4. Proceed on the extracted file of step 2. Run the RunMe.bat file.
  5. A cmd window will appear. When prompted for an option, just input “1″ for Normal mode.
  6. Check your device and once asked for a restore, just proceed on it. Restoreand ignore the encryption password it mentions.Your device will reboot, and viola!
  7. Rooted Cherry Mobile Flare, just check first for the SuperSU icon.
Thanks to askhideki

How to root Cherry mobile W100?

1. Install POOT apk on your internal memory and run the app afterwards

2. Download and install MINISTRO II and "update minstro library", you can update it via google play store. 

3. After installing and updating all the libraries of QT, your phone will automatically reboot.

4. Your phone is already rooted if you already see the 3 buttons of the POOT applet.

You can now enjoy your rooted phone and as a superuser!!! :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How to root GalaxyS?

1. Make sure that your device is a Samsung GT-i9300 and not one of the many carrier specific devices on the market
2. To check tap ‘Menu'
3. Select ‘Settings'
4 . Choose ‘About Device'
5. You will see an option marked ‘Model Number'
Note: If it doesn't say ‘GT-i9300' or includes supplementary numbers or letters you should do some further research, as this guide - which comes courtesy of the users over at XDA  Developers Forum - may not work for you
6. Next, before we go into things any deeper, you should make sure you have version 1.85 of ODIN, Samsung's smartphone software management tool - it can be downloaded from here (
7. Once the download has completed, install ODIN
8. You should also grab the CF-Root-SGS3-v6.0 package - it can be grabbed here (
9. After your download completes unzip the file and place the resulting .tar file somewhere memorable, we recommend your desktop
Note: Do not plug your Samsung Galaxy S3 into your computer yet
10. Open ODIN
11. Click the button marked ‘PDA'
12. Choose the .tar file you unzipped earlier
13. Next, we're going to need to put your Galaxy S3 into download mode, and we achieve this by switching the device off, waiting 10 seconds and then switching it back on again whilst simultaneously holding down ‘Home', ‘Volume Down' and the ‘Power' key
14. Once you've done that, plug your device into your computer
15. Before you continue, make sure ‘Repartition' isn't ticked
16. Click ‘Start'
17. Wait a moment
18. Ensure that you do not unplug your device as this may result in damage
19. Once the procedure is complete your device will be rooted

Monday, October 15, 2012

How to Root Cherry Mobile Candy Chat TV?

1. Download Z4 root on your device (Cherry Mobile Candy) here

2. Save it on on your memory card then install it. 

3. After installing, just click "root device".

4. Wait for few minutes until the process is done.

You can now enjoy your rooted Cherry Mobile Candy TV! ;)

Monday, October 8, 2012

How to root HTC Explorer

1. Install HTC Sync on your PC

(needed so computer recognizes commands)

2. Unlock your phone's bootloader

- Following the steps in

Note: HTC Explorer isn´t listed as a working device yet but it has been tested and works perfectly. Choose "all other supported models" when selecting device.

3. Add a recovery 

That will allow you to install .zip ROMs. You can access to it in the menu android phones have when booting the phone after removing-inserting the battery and pressing "volume down" and "power" buttons simultaneously. (Other phones have different button combinations).

- Download A310E
- extract it in any window on your PC (ie: C:\HTC)
- run the recovery.bat with phone in fastboot mode (first option in the "3 android menu" ) and connected with usb.

Note: I edited the recovery.bat and removed any unnecessary commands so no errors occur

Done! You got the recovery installed if no errors, you can now install any compatible .zip ROM or app.

4. ROOT the device

- Place this file somewhere in the microSD first.
- Go into Recovery mode ("volume down" + "power")
- install with the option "install .zip from sd" from the recovery menu.

Note: after rooting dont restore to factory setting if you don´t want to end up in a bootloop, if this or similar happens the only solution yet (fully functional) is installing this Asian rom or this Custom rom by me. Make a backup first and wipe cache and rom partition with the option in the recovery menu.

With the Asian rom everything runs perfect with the disadvantage that only English and Chinese is available. You can modify the applications that come with it by removing and adding the ones you want before flashing it in recovery (open /system/app folder inside the zip and modify the system apps installed, just be careful not to eliminate necessary system apps).

once rooted my advice is to install "link2sd". Excellent application after making a fat32 partition of your SD with programs like MiniTool partition wizard

It moves all applications directly to the SD when configuring it in automatic mode. (the entire application, not like the inbuilt phone option). See post # 9 for instructions.